Of Goals and Eurobonds…

“What ze heck is ze Eurobond?”


I am an internet junkie. My brother (younger) always gets surprised how I seem to know more than he does. I wish though it was something brag-worthy. And to add to that, I have a strong liking (okay addiction) for movies and sometimes get completed consumed by just one scene. I am currently watching movies I have seen before. More for the mind of the script writer than entertainment. My current highlight is SAVING MR. BANKS. A 2013 Walt Disney production that has absolutely touched the core of my spirit. Brilliant. Rich. Funny how in 2013 I thought it was a complete waste of time. I plan to watch it a 3rd time.

Mr. Banks doesn’t have anything to do with this post. Okay maybe it does. Because when the clock stroke midnight, my goals for 2016 were not yet ready. Traditionally, I have had it all spelt out but this year I just walked in. But one thing for sure is that I must change the stuff I smoke 😉 And to start with I am now playing a different station after enjoying traffic with the same content for almost 4 years. I miss them already (the presenters) but realize there is more power in allowing harmonious melodies drive the tempo of my spirit. explained here

Ditching my movie guy will be a difficult thing. I plan to see him less and so far its been just one visit in these 1st two weeks of January. A big improvement from the two visits a week. Sadly I will miss my big screen experience of the month. An incentive for not reaching out for them compact discs. Last year I spent so much time carousing in Hollywood; 2016 must be different. I want to be authentically me. Tell a new story. Write a different script. Be the protagonist in the movie God has called me to.

(Oops post longer planned but since it is post numero uno, I will allow it!)

So as I was saying I am an internet junkie and in my frolicking I came across a comment on a post that went like this: “What ze heck is ze Eurobond?” and I promised self that such will not be my portion. The being ignorant of what is happening around me. I must care…

  1. A Eurobond is an international bond issued in a currency other than that of the country in which it is issued usually in dollars or yens hence the Eurodollar or Euroyen bonds
  2. A Eurobond and Eurobonds are 2 different things. Eurobonds are denominated in Euros and only available to governments in the Eurozone bloc. Very clever way to strengthen the Euro!
  3. A Bond (key operating word here) is where an investing entity loans a borrowing entity funds for a defined period of time at an agreed interest rate

And with ALL that said, I hope to be here next week. Celebrate, it’s Friday!

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