Math Class: SHARES

if I had a well balanced portfolio, the loss would simply have been absorbed


A couple of years back I bought some shares that were going for $0.75 per share. And boy didn’t the price come tumbling dow

Rule of thumb: buy low, sell high (if I had a well balanced portfolio, the loss would simply have been absorbed)

A year back I took another chance at the stock market after dealing with my previous $0.70 loss. This time though, I asked for advice from a brokering agency. I also sifted through the company’s history and got first hand information on its management and performance. And it wasn’t about being able to prestigiously nod to the sometimes asked question of “do you invest in shares?” It was to genuinely seek ways of getting a return on my ‘surplus’. The shares are still trading at the same about I bought them. No regrets 🙂

 Rule of thumb: invest based on values, not emotions

Calc2016! I haven’t put down any money neither do I feel like I have the capacity to do so. BUT I have found so many resources online, on YouTube and on media that are challenging me to positively engage in the business. Whatever business. This stuff has encouraged me to move from the paralysis of analysis and make decisions so as to make the most of the present. And even to understand that it is the nature of markets to take indecent hits.

Rule of thumb: do not invest in what you do not know – George Clason from ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’


1 thought on “Math Class: SHARES”

  1. So the other day I was chatting with a friend who’s also a stockbroker and I asked him whether it’s a good time to invest. “Prices are low”, he said, “and buying low is always a good thing if you don’t have pressing demands (as well as opportunities) but given the forthcoming elections, think of yielding your return in the very long-term”.💰💰💰


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