Math Class: BUSINESS

The directors report…


Whenever companies publish their annual financials, I always look to the notes on the income section to know (1) how much they made and (2) what exactly they engaged in. Additional detail into the state of the company’s affairs is usually found in the directors report where some entities try to provide information that is more palatable for its shareholders. I recently came across Coca-Cola’s 2014 report and here are some highlights that caught my attention:

  1. Coca-Cola Life: a lower calorie version of Coca-Cola was introduced to additional markets. I don’t fancy the packaging much but it is definitely a good product for an increasingly health conscious populous
  2. Fairlife: Through its Minute Maid division, the company introduced an ultra-filtered milk to a couple of cities of United Stated. Talk about bring new meaning to soft drinks!
  3. Monster Beverage Corporation: Coca-Cola acquired a 17% stake in this +USD 2 Billion business. Explains all the (Monster Energy) cans I have seen displayed in most of Nairobi’s supermarkets
  4. Share a Coke: Psychologists say that the first thing people write with a new pen is their name. Now you understand the frustration of people not finding their names
  5. World Cup: Brazil may have not won Bola 2014 but she definitely helped Coca-Cola solidify its presence in the 175 markets it operates in. I am still looking for my name!

CocaCoca Cola’s 2014 highlights took me back to my very 1st entrepreneurship class where our lecturer asked us to write down 50 business ideas we can get from the object ‘knife’. Butchery, slaughter house, knives sharpener, cutlery set, knives holder and that is about it for me. But if you asked me to write down 50 business ideas in areas of passion (art or accounting), I am sure I will come up with much more. I guess that’s how it starts 🙂

4 thoughts on “Math Class: BUSINESS”

  1. I find it interesting that your passions are art and accounting…right brain/left brain…that’s a bit unusual. I do accounting and bookkeeping work, that is my profession, and I had been very left brain most of my life…but lately my right brain/creative side has been pushing through and overtaking my left brain, which I’m so pleased about!! Embrace both!! 🙂

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    1. Unusual right. I was from pursuing art because it didn’t pay much. I ended up in business school and have grown as an accountant. I live art through the work of others 🙂 but I try to exercise my creative side too. When you have a minute do check out my other blog

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