31 things that made my 31 days of January truly rich…

  1. crossing over to 2016. It’s a privilege to be ALIVE2016
  2. receiving blessings for the new year from Pa (TEARS) ❤
  3. experiencing Planet Yoghurt with Ma. So much FUN
  4. overhearing my niece’s baby-talk as I chatted with her parents. HEARTWARMING
  5. seeing the little one try out his new suit in readiness of day 1 of work. Absolutely THANKFUL
  6. watching my nephew and his sister dance away to music. That is WHATSAPP 😉
  7. catching up with my cousins or their parents. Nothing beats FAMILY
  8. International Christian Centre – my home CHURCH
  9. 2016 fasting debut. Looking forward to reigniting my FAITH
  10. stepping out in faith. sweat sweat SWEAT
  11. the years long awaited call. GOD answers prayers
  12. remembering beautiful moments with a dear but now departed neighbor. I will miss you 😥 RIP
  13. engaging in community. Totally love my HOOD
  14. conversations with my besties. Everyone needs friends. Very GOOD friends
  15. sorting out the guest room and attending to my GUESTS 🙂
  16. turning my kitchen into a little HAVEN
  17. adding some HAPPY fat. Now to keep fit
  18. carrying (sometimes) lunch to work. It’s never too late to form good HABITS
  19. being less tempted by chocolate. Life’s MIRACLES
  20. spending less on movies. ALLUTA CONTINUA*
  21. piecing out my 2016 financial budget. Trusting God for PROVISION
  22. a salary. Money money money MONEY 🙂
  23. getting up, dressing up, and showing up. Absolutely GRATEFUL
  24. work life experiences. I have GROWN
  25. finding Preston Pysh somewhere on the internet. (YOUTUBE)
  26. figuring out this blog. \o/ \o/ \o/
  27. www.wazozuri.wordpress.com
  28. speaking softly again and again and again. I think I’m now getting LOUD 😀
  29. losing my cool and finding it. Cool. Very COOL
  30. finding my pulse. Great to hear my heart beat 72 times AGAIN
  31. receiving love, receiving mercy, receiving peace. ASANTE YESU

*(On the 20th point) I returned, sorry gave away, over 200 movies to my movie guy. He was shocked – more at the goodwill than the addiction. Not that I will stop watching movies; they fuel my artistic passions. But for now I must build the castle more on stone than air. Godspeed. GODSPEED

❤ Happy February!